PROJECT DESCRIPTION: ARM’s website offers anyone who is interested in owning a gun—and those in need of a refresher—an introduction to safe gun ownership. The site has information about basic gun parts, types of firearms and how to safely store them. There are tips about training opportunities around the U.S., a message from the CEO on safe gun ownership and a variety of gun safes and quick-access lock boxes.

PROJECT CONCEPT: The website makes it easy for researchers to find information and recommendations for safe gun storage and training opportunities. The easier it is to find information, the more likely viewers are to spend time on the site, which is why ARM’s site uses large visuals, simple navigation and several easy-to-recognize hover points and links to get additional information. 

PROJECT: ARM                                     
COURSE: GR620, Visual Thinking
YEAR: Spring 2016
PROJECT TYPE: Developing a visual system
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