PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Abenteuer Outdoor Supply creates and markets quality outdoor products to those looking to get a good deal before heading outdoors. A gate fold brochure, retail website and promotional catalog were created to let potential consumers know about the new outdoor company. 

PROJECT CONCEPT: The items use multiple images to help set the scene for the excitement of the outdoors and the many opportunities to find fun. This company caters to every level of outdoorsperson, so all of the products and services are not specific to one group. Each deliverable is meant to visually inspire people to seek their own adventures with the best gear as much as it is for sales.

PROJECT: Abenteuer Outdoor Supply                                     
COURSE: GR618, Visual Literacy
INSTRUCTOR: Heidi Meredith
YEAR: Fall 2015
DISCIPLINES: Branding, print 
PROJECT TYPE: Developing a visual system
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